What You Should Know About Hail-Damaged Roof Repairs

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A roof in top condition can survive normal weather conditions, but when something out of the ordinary occurs, even a newer roof can be damaged. Hail is one of those strange weather occurrences that can be deceiving in its power to damage your roof. You might not even be able to tell from the ground that you need hail-damaged roof repairs. So, why should you worry about it if you can’t see anything? Here’s why:

  • Divots hold water- Small divots you might not notice from the ground still hold water after each rain. Captured water degrades the roofing material and shortens the life of your roof.

What You Should Know About Hail-Damaged Roof Repairs

  • Divots hold dirt- Over time your roof can take on an unpleasant appearance when the divots from the hail fill in with dirt, debris, and perhaps even algae.
  • Lowers value- If you plan to sell your home down the road, a roof inspection performed by the potential buyer will alert them to neglected hail-damaged roof repairs and could result in them requiring a lower price to complete the transaction.
  • Unseen damage- The hail could have also damaged the underlayment, which means you stand a good chance of water intrusion if the roof is not repaired.

Whenever a storm comes through the Raleigh, North Carolina area, it is a good idea to have your home’s roof inspected. If you need hail-damaged roof repairs due to a hailstorm, reach out to us at Gonzalez Roofing- A Division of Gonzalez Painters and Contractors. Our roofing company will do a thorough inspection and let you know what should be done to ensure the continued protection of your home. We offer a 10-year warranty on full roof replacement and up to a 30-year manufacturer warranty on shingles.